lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Carlos Luna complied with the law of the former in Arrochar

Carlos Luna complied with the law in the former Arroyito: one who scored the 1-1 with partial River, the computer on which it was until mid-2013.

In Arrochar former law was given. Yes, the famous formula in which a player with a certain past club makes him being in another. That happened in the 1-1 draw between Rosario Central and River: Carlos Luna marking him the Millo.

The Chinese spent by the Band in the season 12/13. A year with a lukewarm performance, without much noise. And for the beginning of the Initial past,

Moon decided to assemble the bags to Rosario to join the cast of Miguel Angel Russo. Six months later, he was responsible for yelling at her old picture with a stunning header. Yes, a Chinese tale.

After the match, Moon unburdened by the goal: "It is sometimes complicated by the environment started losing I needed and gave me helps you forget you and handle the situation went out an intense game I felt like it was...... difficult for both. A shame we could not win at home against a tough opponent. "

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