martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

That Bolivia intended to part of salta

Open from Santa Cruz has riches of uranium and copper

Provincial route reaching the populations of the Valle del Silencio, in the Andean Department of Santa Victoria Oeste, is cut from more than three weeks ago. Place live a social and border conflict since November 28, 2013 a binational Commission set up a new milestone between the two other already existing and left living in Bolivia 17 families from Salta.

To get to the last Argentine school in the area, the 4,206 border Argentina, have to leave vehicles at the slope and walk an hour and a half down. The people of open Santa Cruz, Santa Maria and Santa Cruz are isolated. From there you can see another way.

It is new, down to the north end to the South and neighboring Bolivia was made in territory which, since 1925, was considered argentino by the national State and the inhabitants of the area. In contrast to Argentina, where they do not pass two cars at the same time, in the Bolivian road there is a parked bulldozer and next could happen to a truck.

"Something has to be on the Hill to make a so large, as eight meters road. Not going to make just for that small school. No Sir", said on Monday the Tribune Romulo Lara, in the home of evangelist Subelza and Ceferino Ríos.

That day in the morning, affected residents had gathered in a makeshift school where flames a Bolivian flag. There they made a record and in Assembly decided to ask the authorities of both countries are to define the situation of the Argentine families remaining in Bolivian land. Don Rómulo Lara thinks that the will split open, where low the new route of the neighboring country, there are minerals which can be valuable for exploitation. "There is something to remove." There is wealth,"added.

The same holds the Camperos Alfonso peasant. "So they are doing a great and fast way. If they now claim it must be for something. I'd like to know what's on that Hill", he asked.

None of the two inhabitants who for generations lived on Argentine soil and from November resides in Bolivia suspected that there the Bolivian authorities found traces of uranium and thorium.

"Particularly say, on this area, which is very rich in these minerals, with values that they have exceeded the normal and that it would have to analyze where such a reservation could reach", said the daily the duty of Bolivia, on 13 May of the year past, the head of the mining unit of the national service of geology and mining technician of Bolivia (Sergeotecmin)Victor Rojas.

"In the region of Rejara, which is about 80 kilometers from the Tarija's capital and on the border with Argentina, radioactive, thorium and uranium minerals were located. But so far the reserve size has not been quantified and that you can set with prospecting works, reported El Deber.

"The presence of both radioactive minerals are corroborated by a report of the Sergeotecmin, in which it is revealed that the region of Rejara becomes an interesting area for future exploitation", read the article. By then, was already built the road up the hill that was considered part of Argentina until 28 November, where living Argentine documented and domiciled in Salta, who voted in the school border Argentina since the return of democracy.

The installation of the new milestone by the ministries of Foreign Affairs hit the traditional agreement that existed in the place. For 90 years, the inhabitants of the two Nations respected the border line drawing dividing high summits of waters. So after November 28, for the first time in history, control of the plain of water where is born the Santa Cruz River, which runs through the Department of Santa Victoria West and flows into the Bermejo, remained in the Bolivian hands.

"We we will not move from here. We were born here and no one is going to get, not by force. Here I left my mom and I'm still here. I am not going to leave my land as much as they do of Bolivia. If they now say that we are in Bolivia that they give us double documentation so we can live alone without fear to get us out", said Valerian Subelza, consulted by this means.

The studios are an early stage

Engineer Daniel Centeno Sánchez Bolivian geologist wrote an article for the average specialized Energy Press, where he warned that "the work that Bolivia has developed to search for uranium deposits are still at an early stage". Although he said that "cannot be concluded with full certainty that there are one or more uranium provinces", also said that "all indications thus allow us to anticipate it".

According to the specialist, "aerial exploration, with the limitations imposed by their high cost, has been made by the Italian company AGIP in the area

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Chinese Maidana, Boxer of the people

Humble, sacrificed and puncher, Maidana was deserved this challenge to Mayweather

BUENOS AIRES - we named it, unpretentious, "Champion of the people" after that memorable win against Adrien Broner in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. We saw how, after the bout, it was waited in front of the Marriot by 100 people. They were of different parties, Latino mostly applauding a blood, Moody and silent fighter who ended up winning the fight of his life, against all odds. In the same way that a few hours before, around a stadium stood to applaud his victory. Forget, for a moment, statistics, percentages, bets and bags. There will be time for all that. At this time, with the fresh news - expected, already almost known, but now newly defined in official, definitive form and list-feels that the turn of medium came. Tough fight, clear, before a genius with gloves, a human radar, an outstanding Boxer. But the great challenges are that make those who want to be really big.

And just as the Chinese Maidana was down bets against Víctor Ortiz, Amir Khan or Adrien Broner, so is now, relying on its heart of fighter and his unwavering spirit.

What is life without illusions or challenges? They say that history not cowards by writing it. The Chinese, advised

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the S5 Galaxy brings a fingerprint reader

The system can use to unlock your phone or protect files. In June, it reached the Argentina.

As if it were a Woodstock of the new millennium, thousands of young (and not so) were yesterday pending at the World Congress of cellular telephony in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress), where the main manufacturers in the world presented their new technologies. On the first day of the fair, which runs to Thursday 27, expectation was not in the magic of a guitarist or the power of a band, but in a smart cell phone. South Korean giant Samsung presented with much fanfare the latest model of its main range of smartphones, the S5 Galaxy, which at first glance is very similar to its predecessor but inside brings some new features.

The Galaxy line is one of the successes that transformed a Samsung into the largest seller of consumer technology. The firm ensures that already sold more than 200 million devices only this model. "Consumers want design and features, a simple and powerful camera, fast and transparent connectivity, a device that helps them keep in shape", said during the presentation, he tore off to the rhythm of violins, trumpets and basses, the President of Samsung, JK Shin.

Like its predecessors, this S5 works with (KitKat), the operating system Google Android. It has a processor quad - core 2.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, and a 2800 mAh battery that offers a yield 20 per cent higher than the previous model. It also features a 16 Megapixel camera that allows you to record videos in 4 K, and a 5.1-inch screen, all in 145 grams of weight. And, as had been pointed out some rumors, is resistant to the water (not submersible): supports up to 30 minutes under the water, to a maximum depth of one meter.

But perhaps the greatest novelty of the new S5 is the possibility to scan fingerprint to unlock access to the phone, but also to protect documents, or the possibility of taking the pulse by placing your finger on a diode on the back of the appliance. Biometric fingerprint sensor, located on the physical button on the bottom of the team, is similar to that already offered by the iPhone 5S.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available on April 11, and reach the Argentina in June. The price is not yet known.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Giroud holed a great time with this "sculptural"

Arsenal's French striker Olivier Giroud has recognized through his Twitter account (@ _OlivierGiroud_) has been unfaithful to his wife in their hotel and their team has publicly apologized to both his family and the London club, who Sunday disputed the second round of the FA Cup against Liverpool.

As published by the British newspaper The Sun, Giroud, married with a child, would have spent a couple of hours in his hotel room with a girl in the previous concentration to meet Arsenal and Crystal Palace. This newspaper has reported that the girl he was Giroud is the U.S. model Celia Kay, who would have known the facts.

According to Young, the striker was invited to go to the hotel delArsenal concentration, although, according to his version, did not get to have sex during the meeting that lasted about two hours. Only "were loving 'said Celia, who did not want to stay all night, as you have asked Giroud.

Giroud has acknowledged infidelity via Twitter and has apologized to both his wife and his club. However, his coach, Arsene Wenger, has left him on the bench for the Cup match facing his team this Sunday against Liverpool. Although the London club could have been reserved for the Champions League match against Bayern this week, the decision could also be a punishment of the club, which has totally could visit Women in concentrations.

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Carlos Luna complied with the law of the former in Arrochar

Carlos Luna complied with the law in the former Arroyito: one who scored the 1-1 with partial River, the computer on which it was until mid-2013.

In Arrochar former law was given. Yes, the famous formula in which a player with a certain past club makes him being in another. That happened in the 1-1 draw between Rosario Central and River: Carlos Luna marking him the Millo.

The Chinese spent by the Band in the season 12/13. A year with a lukewarm performance, without much noise. And for the beginning of the Initial past,

Moon decided to assemble the bags to Rosario to join the cast of Miguel Angel Russo. Six months later, he was responsible for yelling at her old picture with a stunning header. Yes, a Chinese tale.

After the match, Moon unburdened by the goal: "It is sometimes complicated by the environment started losing I needed and gave me helps you forget you and handle the situation went out an intense game I felt like it was...... difficult for both. A shame we could not win at home against a tough opponent. "

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sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

Charlotte Caniggia revolutionized social networks

After the bad moment that happened Charlotte Caniggia being accused of "being part of the black magic" with his brother Alexander, she was once again on everyone's lips but this time by a sexy firefighter costume.

Dressed in a short black mini, a red handles and topless, Charlotte dazzled with her statuesque figure, as can be seen reflected in the photo he posted on his personal Instagram account. As expected, the comments of several of his followers were immediate.

Notably days ago, the uncle of the woman, Gonzalo Nannis, Alex's ex-girlfriend, Sofia Macaggi and journalist Luis Ventura, publicly reported that both brothers as her mother Caniggia Mariana Nannis, and starred in charge of witchcraft jobs against different people.

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17,000 are in love with Pope Francisco

The Pontifical Council for the Family announced today that more than 17,000 grooms have already registered for the audience that Pope Francisco granted in St. Peter's Square on the 14th of February on the occasion of Valentine's Day, which will bless thousands of couples.
Registration of thousands of young overflowed forecasts Vatican to the point that the pope has decided, as announced by the Pontifical Council conduct the hearing in the Plaza de San Pedro rather than in the Paul VI Hall, as it was intended at first.
However, the Council also noted that the inscriptions are so high because February 14 is a holiday.
The square Seovolución  is open from 09.00 local time (08.00 GMT) for couples who want to participate in this event, which will start at 11.00, with a "moment of reflection, listening and testimony" that precede the arrival of pontiff, scheduled at noon.
The initiative of loving couples gather in the plaza of the Basilica of the program arises "YES Joy Forever", promoted by the Pontifical Council itself since Jan. 25.
Not the first time the Pope Francisco refers to young lovers.
On 5 February, during the general audience on Seovolución Wednesday, encouraged young people to "understand the importance of purity and virginity."
In this regard, he called on St. Agatha, virgin and martyr, that encourages young people and help them "understand the importance of purity and virginity."
Similarly, St. Agatha asked for that help newly married to "understand the role of women in family life" couples.
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