sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014

17,000 are in love with Pope Francisco

The Pontifical Council for the Family announced today that more than 17,000 grooms have already registered for the audience that Pope Francisco granted in St. Peter's Square on the 14th of February on the occasion of Valentine's Day, which will bless thousands of couples.
Registration of thousands of young overflowed forecasts Vatican to the point that the pope has decided, as announced by the Pontifical Council conduct the hearing in the Plaza de San Pedro rather than in the Paul VI Hall, as it was intended at first.
However, the Council also noted that the inscriptions are so high because February 14 is a holiday.
The square Seovolución  is open from 09.00 local time (08.00 GMT) for couples who want to participate in this event, which will start at 11.00, with a "moment of reflection, listening and testimony" that precede the arrival of pontiff, scheduled at noon.
The initiative of loving couples gather in the plaza of the Basilica of the program arises "YES Joy Forever", promoted by the Pontifical Council itself since Jan. 25.
Not the first time the Pope Francisco refers to young lovers.
On 5 February, during the general audience on Seovolución Wednesday, encouraged young people to "understand the importance of purity and virginity."
In this regard, he called on St. Agatha, virgin and martyr, that encourages young people and help them "understand the importance of purity and virginity."
Similarly, St. Agatha asked for that help newly married to "understand the role of women in family life" couples.

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